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Nino Marte Flooring will NOT be responsible for any delays caused by suppliers, logistics, sickness, or Covid related delays.


How do I get a Quote?
There are a few different ways to request a quote: you can submit a request via our website’s request a quote button (www.ninomarteflooring.com/contact-us/), by calling our office at 613-746-5555, or by stopping by in person to view our showroom!

How much does a quote cost?
Our quotes cost $85, payable at the time of booking, this includes an on-site appointment with one of our estimators who will measure your space and offer their knowledge and expertise. If work proceeds, the cost of the quote will be credited to the total cost of the job.


Should I install a hardwood floor if I have pets?
The type of wood floor you buy, as well as the colour and the finish will be the most important factors in how much traffic the floor can take before showing significant scratches or wear.

Are hardwood floors a good choice for people with asthma?
Yes! Bare floors are often suggested to people with breathing issues as it reduces the number of places that allergens, hair, dust, pollen and/or molds can collect.

What is the difference between engineered wood flooring and solid wood flooring?
Engineered wood flooring is a composite material made of a filleted backing, a core of hardwood or plywood and a veneer wear layer, it is more stable in areas of fluctuating humidity and can be installed below grade (basements), you can also install radiant heating systems and install directly onto concrete or wooden substrates. Solid wood flooring is made from individual pieces of solid wood and should only be installed on a wooden subfloor, it is also recommended that you only install them above grade (upper floors) and avoid rooms with high humidity.

Is it okay to put wood flooring in kitchens and bathrooms?
Yes, for kitchens and power rooms, though it is recommended to use an engineered wood over a solid wood. However, wood flooring is not recommended for rooms with showers and bathtubs due to excessive humidity and moisture.


Once I receive my quote, how does payment work?
We take a 50% deposit upfront, once the deposit has been paid materials will be ordered and the installation/delivery schedule booked. Upon delivery of materials another 25% of the total cost will be due. The remaining 25% is to be paid once all work is completed.

What are my payment options?
a. Debit (by phone or in person)
b. Credit (by phone or in person)
c. Cheques
d. E-transfer
e. Cash

How long do I have to pay my bill?
Final payments are due the next business day after work is completed. Interest will be charge at 1% per week if payment is not received within 2 days of completion of work.


What do I need to do to be prepared for my floor installation?
There are many variables to consider when answering this question, however any special advance preparation will be discussed upon inspection of the job site by one of our qualified staff prior to payment of the deposit. Customers are responsible for moving contents out of rooms prior to installation, as well as dust control and cleaning.


What do I need to do to be prepared for my material delivery?
Material deliveries will be booked to ensure materials are onsite for installation. It is not possible to give an exact time of arrival for deliveries. Standard delivery will only unload materials to 1st floor; special deliveries to apartment buildings will waive the first-floor restriction at an additional cost.


What if further issues are discovered during installation?
If any additional or unseen repairs are discovered during installation, they will be fixed at the expense of the customer. The charge for any repairs will be the cost of time taken and materials used.

Can I install a solid wood floor over a concrete slab?
Generally, no you cannot install a solid wood floor over a concrete slab, as this may void any warranties on your floor; It is still possible to do, however requires several extra steps be taken to properly install.

Can any wood floors be installed over a concrete slab?
Most engineered and long-strip engineered planks floors can be installed on a concrete slab, provided the slab is clean, dry, and well-cured.
Note: New concrete slabs need to be fully cured for a least 60 days

Can we install a hardwood floor over an existing vinyl floor?
If the vinyl flooring is tightly secured to the subfloor and is thin enough, it is possible to float a wood floor on top of it, it may also be possible to nail a wood floor over top as well, however this depends on the condition of the floor itself.

After Installation

What am I responsible for after installation?
Customers are responsible for paint touch ups and painting of trim, as well as final cleaning after installation.

How long after sanding and refinishing a floor before I can walk on it?
It takes 2 hours for the floor to cure enough to be walked on, after 24 hours it is safe to move furniture back into the area. After 72 hours the stain should be about 75% cured. Don’t lay down any mats or carpets on the floor for 1 month, and don’t wash the floor with water for 2 weeks.

Will the colour of my floor change over time?
Yes. Oxidization occurs in wood as result of exposure to light and the elements, this will cause your wood to change colour over time. The extent of the colour change is dependent on the species of wood, where it is situated and what it is exposed to. Certain product finishes will also amber and oxidize over time.

Cleaning & Maintenance

What to I do to remove scratches in my wood floor?
For deep scratches in site finished floors it is best to have a professional sand and refinish your floors. Some prefinished floors can be sanded and refinished depending on the thickness of their wear layer, when this is not possible, we replace any damaged boards with new ones.

Can I refinish my engineered wood floor?
Depends on how thick wear layer is – depending on the thickness of the wear layer engineered floors can be sanded multiple times. The sanding and refinishing of an engineered wood floor is best done by an experienced hardwood flooring refinisher, following the manufacturers best practices.

Can I refinish my prefinished floor?
Yes! A prefinished floor can be sanded and refinished.

Can I use throw rugs on a hardwood floor?
Clean dirt and debris from under the rug regularly and occasionally move the rug around to prevent shading of the wood underneath. It is always recommended to use an underpad with any rug or carpet, and check that your rug doesn’t have a rough backing material that may scratch the floors surface.

How do I stop my wood floor from gapping and cupping?
The best way to keep your wood floors from gapping and cupping is to keep the relative humidity between 40-42% in the Ottawa region (humidity levels vary in different regions). Though most manufacturers recommend between 35-55%

What should I use to stop my furniture from scratching my floors?
Felt pads are wonderful for this, they are easily obtained and low cost. Stick pads on furniture at point of contact with the floor (i.e., chair legs, table legs, etc.), check and clean pads often to prevent dirt and debris from becoming trapped inside.

Supplier’s Warranties